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Royalty Club

Renaissance Auto Wash offers the Royalty Club - a free customer loyalty program with the following benefits:

  • After every 10 washes purchased, each member automatically receives a free wash on the following visit
  • Regardless of type of washes purchased, the coupon is good for our best wash - The Royal Treatment
  • Members get a 24-hour rain guarantee.  If it rains during business hours at Renaissance Auto Wash the day the car is washed, we will re-wash the car free for up to 24 hours after the original paid wash
  • Once per year during the month of the member's birthday, a free wash is automatically given on the next visit - not just on the birthday
  • Members receive occasional promotional coupons in the mail

There is no cost to join, just ask the manager on duty for a membership form, fill it out while your car is being washed and your card will be given to you immediately and that wash will be counted as the first wash toward the 10 required for a free one.

Members can also view the status of the Royalty Club account online on our website 24 hours a day.  Sign up today!


Click here to check the status of your Royalty Club Card.


* Renaissance Auto Wash WILL NOT share personal information with ANYONE.  We collect names, addresses and birth months for the sole purpose of sending wash coupons in the mail.  Members can be removed from our database at any time by simply asking.

** Royalty Club credits are earned on cash or charge paid wash purchases only.  Washes purchased with prepaid cards or fleet accounts do not apply.

 Prepaid Cards

Renaissance Auto Wash offers Prepaid Wash Cards.  The prepaid card can be charged with any amount of money paid with cash, Visa or Mastercard.  Cards earn a premium on the balance loaded on the card and the more money put on the card, the greater the premium (see the table below).  Prepaid Wash Card holders can check the status of their card accounts on our website 24 hours a day.

Prepaid Wash Cards are not only a great deal but they make nice gifts for Holidays, Birthdays or any occasion.  They're also a great way just to say thanks to a friend, congratulate a new driver or as a hint to your pal who always has a dirty car.

Prepaid Wash Card Prices

Dollars Loaded

Credit Received

Added Value























Click here to check the status of your Renaissance Prepaid or Family Fleet Card.

 Fleet Accounts

Renaissance Auto Wash offers fleet account cards for groups or organizations with multiple vehicles. 

  • All washes are billed at a 15% discount off the menu price
  • A card is assigned for each vehicle authorized to receive washes
  • Cards can be set up to be used for any one of our three wash packages
  • Each card can only be used for the vehicle to which it was assigned
  • Frequency of use can be limited according to account holder's needs or wishes
  • Account activity can be viewed online 24 hours a day on our website
  • The organization receives a monthly invoice detailing all wash activity by date and by vehicle
  • Monthly invoices are automatically charged to Visa/MC credit or debit cards.

If you are interested in a fleet account, please contact us at 586-746-1343 (Clinton Twp) or 586-677-6199 (Shelby Twp) for more information or stop by Renaissance Auto Wash and ask the Manager for a free demo of our "Royal Treatment".


Click here to check the status of your Fleet Account Card.