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Why wash your car at Renaissance Auto Wash?


1) Quality - Renaissance Auto Wash was designed and is managed with customer satisfaction in mind.  It's our goal to provide our customers with a complete, quality wash without skimping or cutting corners.  Our team will clean, rinse and dry your car the same way they would care for their own.

2) Value - Keeping your car clean at Renaissance Auto Wash is a great value.  We use the best quality equipment, the right amount of gentle suds and exactly the amount of rinse water necessary to completely clean your vehicle in about a minute.  Any other method of cleaning your car will be most costly either in time, money or completeness.

3) Environment - Renaissance Auto Wash not only uses gentle cleaning and rinsing agents on your call but all products used are bio-degradable.  Fresh water is careful measured so that only the amount needed to rinse is used and none is wasted.  Rinse water is contained in special tanks to separate dirt and sediment from the rinse water before it is allowed into the sewer system.  We also use energy efficient water heaters that only heat the water when in use which saves natural gas and reduces greenhouse emissions.

4) Economy - Renaissance Auto Wash was built by a local construction company (more info), was financed by local banks (more info), is owned and operated by people who've lived their whole lives in Southeastern Michigan and employs all local people.  Every dollar you spend at Renaissance goes right back into the local economy. 

5) People - Everyone on the Renaissance team cares about people.  Our philosophy is based on the golden rule.  We treat our customers - and each other - the way we wish to be treated. 

6) Excellence - To us, it's not "just washing cars".  It's in our nature to do our best in whatever we do.  We want people who go through our wash to notice that Renaissance is not like other car washes. 

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